NCAA Fan Experience; NCAA Travel; DI Men's Basketball Tickets; March Madness Schedule; Ticket Terms; NCAA Championships . Championship Central; Championship Store; 2022 Men's Final Four; 2022 Women's Final Four; 2022 Frozen Four; 2022 Men's College World Series; About the NCAA .; Hall of Champions; Eligibility Center; Corporate. The Florida State and LSU women's beach volleyball teams meet in an elimination match at the 2022 NCAA Championship Tournament on Saturday, May 7. FSU defeated LSU 3-1. FSU won No. 1 pairs 21-17. 2022. 1. Paola Egonu Opposite from Italy. 874.00 points. 2. Gabriela Guimarães Outside Hitter from Brazil. 723.00 points. 3. Isabelle Haak Opposite from Sweden. Georgia State competes in Conference USA for beach volleyball. The Panthers went 4-0 in the conference tournament in Huntsville, Ala., defeating No. 13.

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